Anyone have a good natural remedy for bugs? I have so many plants in my room and these little flies have just started becoming an issue. Help!
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    Janine G Gnats like wet soil. If I let mind dry out a bit I don't have too many problems. I have heard of the mosquito bits. I also learned this trick that the gnats don't like. I have a Birds Nest fern that I am struggling with since I got it in the mail during winter. ( My dumb idea) I don't keep the soil wet, I keep a dish of water near it. The soil in the pot.. I turn it over and mess it up frequently. In a circle around the plant, I run my finger through it as gnats like to lay eggs down inside about an inch or so. I think it ruins their plans. I haven't had too much trouble lately but I have figured out that the more moist the soil, the more chance of gnats. I think the mosquito bits are a great idea. I have used them in water fountains and bird baths. Don't water so often if you can help it. Good luck. It's frustrating.
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    MALINDA The little flies are most likely fungus gnats. You can take care of them by adding mosquito bits to the soil. Summer Rayne Oakes just did a whole video about them on YouTube. She lists several different ways of dealing with them at different stages of their life cycle.
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    dekadaye I use a neem oil spray - distilled water, a couple drops of dish soap, and several drops of neem oil. I spray affected plants at night - the top soil and underside of the leaves. I do think weekly and usually see a big change after 2 weeks.

    I also make sure to aerate soil so it can dry out and fungus gnats dont have wet soil to plant more eggs.

    I have 2 plants that are particularly susceptible. I just ordered mosquito bits on amazon. Hopefully it works!