Dry, droopy tree
<span>My westringia topiary is droopy and very dry. It’s near a south facing window, but I can’t figure out the best watering regimen. Always kept it moist or let it dry out? I’m worried all the leaves will be gone before I get it right!</span>
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    Janine G That is a neat plant. Aren't they usually grown outside as shrubs? I read up on them and it says they need BRIGHT SUN. I think it needs to be IN a South facing window or very close.... It also needs good draining soil. Regular soil may not cut it. It also should be kept on the drier side. I would get it IN sun. How long have you had this plant? When was the last time it was repotted in a fresh mix?
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      dekadaye I received it as a gift on May 18th. I imagine it hasnt been repotted in long time given the moss on the pot and on top of the soil. I've been thinking of repotting but am afraid it'll all fall apart. I'll put it on the balcony for a while to see how it does!
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        Erin Agreed with Janine - these need a ton of bright natural light! I actually don't really think they'd work as a houseplant unless you have a greenhouse-like space like a sunny porch or big skylight :(