I'm glad you pricked me!
An indoor cactus likes nothing better then a good South facing window, and as you can tell I have definitely took advantage of mine! Did you know there is close to 2000 species of cacti out there in the world?! From desert, jungle, grafted, to hybrid species ranging from a diverse amount of colors, shapes, and structures.<br><br><b>Care Guidelines to Follow:</b><br><ul><li>Light is key! Make sure your cactus has plenty of exposure to full sun, or at least bright indirect light.</li><li>Best to only water once the soil has dried out completely, however, some jungle species may need to be watered when half the soil has dried out (considering they are from a more tropical region).</li><li><b>Tip</b>: If your cactus is exposed to full sun for most of the day it'll be best to check the soil often to monitor how frequent it takes up water. As soon as it has dried out it'll be ready for a drink; although they may be drought tolerant they can certainly decline from too much sun and not enough water (especially smaller specimens).</li></ul><br><br>