Transfer this Fiddle?
Should I transfer her? She has definitely grown since I got her and I’m afraid to disrupt things since I haven’t had luck with Fiddles in the past. Thanks in advance 😊
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    Pei What a beauty 😍😍😍!

    When was the last time you repot it? I would definitely repot if it's been more than 1 year. Also it might get top heavy and the plant will topple over easily.
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      Patti I haven’t, this is the original pot I bought it in about 1-2 months ago.
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        Paris Lalicata Hi Patti! Since it's only been a few months I'd wait on re-potting and just monitor how fast the plant actively grows. The plant shouldn't become too top heavy as long as it's receiving plenty of light to maintain the plants strength and create thicker branches which helps the plant become more sturdy. Overtime if you notice the plant is using a lot more water and drying out frequently then there's a chance it has become root bound and then would need to be transferred into a planter that is 1-2 inches larger in size to ensure plenty of room for new growth :)
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          Patti Thank you! I want to do everything right with this Fiddle, haven’t had luck in the past 🤞🏻🤞🏻