Cat Likes Parlor Palm as Snack
Seeking advice to prevent my cat from eating the little parlor palm I got from The Sill a couple weeks ago. By now, virtually all leaves have been eaten off (the palm is the one on the left on photo, but this was taken when it first arrived). I have tried spraying the palm with a vinegar and water mixture, but this only works while still wet. I have had to move the palm to a high-up shelf, which is not ideal for the plant or us.
Thanks for your help!
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    Colin Hart A couple thoughts!

    I have two cats and have just approached training them the same way I would dogs. Sometimes I think the myth that cat's are "untrainable" is a little self perpetuating. That being said I know my cats are up to no good when I'm not watching them or if I leave for the weekend haha.

    Point being would say don't shy away from trying to train them out of playing with it.

    All that being said.... Cats are cats and they do what they want haha.

    A big life saver for us in terms of training as well as just keeping cats away from or off places we don't want them is using the "ssst cat"

    It's essentially a can of pressurized air with a motion sensor so when they get in range of where they shouldn't be it let's out a quick burst. You can direct the nozzle so it doesn't actually hit them.

    It's not perfect. I feel like it scares my roommates more often than my cats thus the air runs out faster than I'd like. But it has trained the cats to stay off counters and tables and better yet away from the plants! Added bonus is now they associate the canister with the hissing sound so even if it's out of air or battery the cats see it and stay away.
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    Jen Best of luck- my cat is especially fond of my parlor palm and has pulled it out of the pot repeatedly. I am at a loss.
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    Erin Such a great window! I'd test putting some cat grass on the sill next to the parlor.
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    Pei What a view!!

    I personally find that having more cat grass at home kind of help. I've also tried mixing an essential oil with water, and spritz it immediately around the plant whenever my cats were about to enjoy the plants. The thing was that I had to be on the lookout and guard the plants for almost 7 days, and after that, they finally got the message. It's kind of like training your cats to not do things, ha.

    Best of luck!!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Christina! The best way I know to keep your pets from snacking on your plants is to place them out of reach. Utilizing wall planters, hanging macramés, or any hanging basket that can be hung in front of a window. You can even use plant stands/side tables that are small and only large enough for the planter to prevent the cat from being provoked to jump on it. On a good note it looks like you have all pet friendly plants which aren't toxic if your cat were to ingest it, but I would also try teaching your cat to not go near the plants! My cats have responded well to just a spritz of water or saying "out" every time they get near a plant and start nibbling- now they don't even bother going near them anymore! (unless it's a new plant I bring home) Good luck :)