Seeking grow light recommendations!
I just moved and my new place doesn't get as much bright direct light as my old one did. Does any one have any grow light brands they recommend? Thanks! 
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    Mr. Houseplant I can share a few grow light recommendations, I have been using them for the past couple of months. Soltech Solutions has beautiful lights, very strong. If you are looking for something more affordable Sansi produces very strong light bulbs. Both Soltech's (40W light) and Sansi's lights (the 36W bulb) give over 100,000 lux of light at 2 inches away, so they are very strong! You can keep most your plants at 1-2 feet away and they will still do well. Happy to answer any questions you might have :) Oh, and both lights are warm white (yellow), not purple
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      Pei This is so good to know!!! Thanks for sharing [307802,Mr. Houseplant]
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    Pei [291209,Enid Hernandez] shared a few of her grow light picks with me the other day. Maybe she can help?