Yellow bumps on Sansevieria Fasciata
I inherited this neglected mother-in-law's tongue which has yellowish/brownish spots on one of the leaves. They go through the leaf, so on one side feel like depressions, and on the other feel like bumps. 

Is this a problem, or something I should just leave be? The plant otherwise is slowly putting out new growth and seems to be recovering.

Thanks for your help!
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    Pei I think this could be Edema which is a type of abnormal water retention in plants. It's often a sign over water OR too much moisture in the environment....
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      Julia Barry Wow, I've never even heard of that, thanks! I doubt that the problem is overwatering (I let this one go long stretches in between waterings and make sure the soil is really dry in between waterings to be safe), but I suppose we have had a humid summer and perhaps it's not getting enough light...? Let me know if there's anything I can do to help the plant, or if it's fine as is and just a quirk. Thank you!
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        Paris Lalicata I would try increasing the light levels for the plant, and monitoring the spots to make sure they don't spread! There's a chance it is Edema like Pei mentioned and this shouldn't continue to spread on the leaf unless the same factors that triggered it were to re-occur. I would also maybe make sure the water you use to water your wants doesn't contain too many minerals! If so, you can either leave the water out over night so they can evaporate, or using spring, distilled, or even collected rainwater!
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          Julia Barry Thanks!!
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            Pei [291378,Julia Barry] I read it somewhere that Finwhale likes bright light environment and does not tolerate low light as well as other Snakes. Just thought you should know :)
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