Bird of paradise trouble
Hi! One of my bird of paradise stems started looking sad after a new growth turned brown half way through unfurling. This morning I was gently peeling off some old growth at the base when the whole stem snapped in half at the base (images included). I don’t know if this is caused by root rot or under watering. I’m pretty upset as it was the tallest stem in the plant and don’t want the rest of the plant to go down too!
* I know the plant doesn’t get as much light as it ideally should so I supplement worth a happy lamp. 

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    Paris Lalicata Hi [307439,Hilary Ribbens] ! When the stem snapped in half at the base was is very dry and brittle? Or was it more soft and mushy?
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      Hilary Ribbens Hi! It wasn’t dry and brittle but it also wasn’t super mushy, it pretty cleanly snapped after I peeled some old growth at the base away. I think the stiff dead growth was supporting which I didn’t even realize. I also noticed it was a very pale green at the base versus a deep green that I see on the other stalks.
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        Paris Lalicata There's a chance the plant was stressed at some point during care that caused the new growth that snapped off to decline- this could've been caused by moisture stress (i.e. over or under watering). If the new unfurled leaf was damaged prior to removing the old growth it most likely would've gradually fell off overtime anyways! Moving forward, I would just continue with the proper care by giving the plant plenty of bright indirect light, and allow the top 2-3 inches-half the soil to dry out between waterings in the Spring/Summer, but all the way through for the Fall/Winter. If it's still in its plastic nursery container I would suggest re-potting into a planter that is 1-2 inches larger with fresh potting mix! The BOP should bounce back in no time :)
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          Hilary Ribbens Hi [286271,Paris Lalicata] thanks for your response!! I'm pretty good about testing the top 2-3 inches the soil before watering but noticed that there would be long periods of time where the soil would remain damp but I would begin to see browning of leaves (which I always interpreted as signs of under-watering). All that to say, I'm planning on re-potting my BOP tonight! I read somewhere that if you're concerned about root rot (which I am because the prolonged damp soil), that dusting the roots with a fungicide might be advisable. I'm concerned that this could be to harsh though, any thoughts?
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            Paris Lalicata [307439,Hilary Ribbens] If the roots have rotted you'll notice they they'll be more black and thinned out, and applying any sort of fungicide unfortunately won't help them bounce back as they have already died back. As long as some of the roots remaining are still white and plump and look healthy you can simply prune away any dead root material before re-potting the plant!
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