My aloe was over watered?
ok so my husband kills my plants. This aloe had big luscious thick full arms and then I think he overwatered it and now it’s got sad skinny arms and he color isn’t good. I took it out of the pot and tried to cut off the rotted roots and then added sand to the soil in hopes of saving it. Can it be saved? Can it find it’s think lusciousness again or is it a lost cause?
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    Paris Lalicata hi [307995,Keri] ! Have you checked the soil? The symptoms the Aloe is displaying actually appears to be drought symptoms- but then again it's hard to tell. I would say the best thing to do moving forward is to check the soil, and if it has dried out completely I would go ahead and give the Aloe a drink. As long as it wasn't overwatered and developed root rot it should bounce back just fine! After replenished with consistent care it should plump back out and green up within a month or so :)