need help with bird's nest ferns
i received a bird's nest fern a couple of months back and it seemed to be doing well, but after a couple of weeks it started wilting, browning and yellowing, and some leaves have fallen off altogether. more recently, the sill sent me another fern (lucky me :/) and that one has started "going bad" even faster than the first.

per the instructions of the card, it seemed like these plants needed more water and less light. I moved the plants, started watering more regularly and got a plant mister. the newest development now is that the first plant has gnats. from what I have read, gnats tend to appear when the plant has too much moisture. this is frustrating because I let the soil get dry between waterings (as instructed) and the leaves of ferns looks crispy, like they need more moisture.

im completely at a loss. ive moved the plants, given them more water, given them less water, misted, and even reduce the amount of time my a/c is on during the day. i just don't know what to do anymore and I'm afraid they are just going to die :( please help me help my plant babies!

ive included a pic of how one looks (I cant add multiple photos for some reason?), maybe y'all will see something im not seeing.

(ps -- i also have a rattlesnake calathea that's doing great, so i don't have a totally black thumb lol)
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    Chelsea following because this is my exact problem and I’m frustrated and at a loss!! I hope someone can find a solution!!