Unhappy Monstera
I've had this plant for a couple of months now and was excited to see a new leaf unfurling...but it just stopped unfurling and is turning black. A lower leaf is turning dark up the center of the leaf. I'm not able to find what is causing this online..is it too much water...not enough...something else? 
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    Nate Thanks, Paris and Pei! I am still working on this guy. Repotted in a smaller pot and after a few weeks it still isn't happy. I noticed that the watering I initially gave it has kept the soil very moist. I repotted it again tonight in dry potting mix and just a splash of water. I also put it in a grow bag vs. plastic pot, thinking maybe it would help with ventilation. Hoping this does the trick!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Nate! It looks like it could be a moisture stress issue of either over or under watering. I would make sure the plant is exposed to as much bright indirect light as possible, and ensure the soil has dried out completely between waterings. Any damage on the leaves won't be able to bounce back, but they may not cause the rest of the leaves to decline! I would just monitor the new growth until it unfurls and matures, where then you can prune any damage leaf edges. The larger leaf I would just monitor as well but if you start to notice abut 50% of the leaf declining then it'd be wiser to remove the leaf, and allow the stem to die back gradually so the plant can take any available nutrients from within!
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    Pei Hi [295355,Nate], how much sun and water does it get? In general, if a plant is not getting enough light, it will not put out new growths (or will put out small new growths). but in your case, it's the new leave won't unfurl.
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    Nate Here is the other leaf that doesn't look happy either.