Dropping 3 Year Old Fiddle Leaf
I have had this fiddle leaf for 3 years and she has been doing great until I recently repotted it and put rocks on the soil to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The leaves are drooping and dropping at the bottom and the new growth coming in from the top has brown spots on it. Could it be getting too much sun? Does it not like the rocks? Please help I have kept her alive for so long! 
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    Pei How is it doing now? FLF is famous for being a drama queen ;) They don't like any changes at all. It was likely shocked by the repotting I'd not worried too much.

    Side note, I highly recommend removing the pebbles. It's great for the aesthetic but not great for plants. For example, moisture will retain longer, hard to detect pests issues, etc. Hope this helps :)
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    Paige Rose Shestak It may be root rot! I would let it dry out for two weeks and remove the browning leaves and make sure it gets plenty of sun!