Fiddle Leaf Fig on her last legs
We got our Fiddle Leaf Fig (known as Fiddie) a few months ago. She's been losing leaves like crazy, a lot of them are browning and droopy. We recently moved her to the window, before she was in a shadier spot. We water Fiddle a liter every week and fertilized her last month. We cut off the brown spots of the leaves, but even healthy leaves with no brown spots are falling off.

We really don't know what the issue is! Any tips? Really hope to save her <3
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    Chelsea Hi Helen! Firstly, you made a good choice by moving your FLF to the window/more sun. They like a lot of light. Secondly, can you provide more info on how they leaves are browning? Is it from the outside of the leaf, in, or from the inside of the leave (near the stem), out? My suspicion is that you’re overwatering it. Before you water it each week, stick your finger into the pot about 2-3inches down. If it’s still pretty wet, skip the watering. If it’s only slightly damp or completely dry, water it! It’s also possible that a liter of water is just entirely too much. So I think a combo of more sunlight, and a better/more informed (aka check before your wet) watering schedule will help!!