Rubber Plant Help!
I've had this rubber plant for about 3 weeks now. I've watered it twice
since I got it. It sits near the window sill and gets sunlight. This is
the third leaf that has turned yellow with brown spots. The roots are
not coming out of the pot yet. Help me!<br>
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Shanet! It's perfectly natural for plants to shed older leaves as they are acclimating into their new environment. Yellowing leaves can also be an indication that the plant is receiving too much water or not enough light! Therefor, I'd make sure the plant is exposed to as much bright indirect light as possible and allow the soil to dry out completely. It'll also be best to transfer the plant into a container that is 1-2 inches larger to ensure the plant has plenty of room to keep growing!
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      Shanet Thank you for your advice!! Much appreciated. I'll try repotting the plant and paying more attention to how much I'm watering it.