Fiddle leaf fig trouble
my fiddle leaf fig went crazy. We bought her and she was full and plump and beautiful. I replanted her and all seemed good for the next month (maybe 3 weeks). I watered her once a week like most of our other plants.  Then a hurricane was expected and we moved the plant to our FL room (mostly windows). She gets great light there (not direct). Anyway, at some point I noticed it was always dry. Leaves feel “crunchy” several have fallen off 😔 she’s not doing good and I don’t know why. I water her now when the soil gets dry. Last time I watered until it poured out of the bottom (so I knew it was all hydrated).I’m not sure what I need to do to get leaves to stop looking brown and crispy/or start growing back. Advice is appreciated 🙏🏻
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Andrea! Would you be able to provide a photo of the entire plant?