Diagnosing Bird's Nest Fern issue
I had a bird's nest fern that was happy for a long time. Then after I got back from a vacation, the plant looked unhappy and some of the leaves had gone black, starting at the bottom. I got rid of the affected leaves, repotted it, and put it in a brighter spot because I thought it was likely rotting/too moist. After that it got dry/crunchy spots, as if it had been sunburned, so I moved it back to its original spot with less light. The leaves continued to dry up and look limp and unhappy, so I removed the affected ones. At this point less than half of the original plant was remaining. I just let it be to recover, watering enough but not too much. Then I noticed the remaining leaves were getting black at the base like the original problem all over again. Soon after, the whole plant wilted and I had to just pitch it altogether. I'm wondering if anyone can help diagnose so I can get a replacement and know what to do if this happens again? Thanks!