Plant ID + what is wrong?
I'm wondering why the leaves have begun to lighten. Is it overwatering or something else?

I've not had this kind of plant before and don't know its needs. 

It's been on our office window sill in full light facing south, and it seemed to be loving it for months. It grew a lot and was always a lush green. Now leaves are veiny and I'm curious how to help.

It's also getting large for its pot, but for aesthetic reasons in our office, I can't repot it...can I snip some leaves off the bottom and get it to grow into more of a tree?

It also hasn't been fertilized since we got it around May.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Paris Lalicata Hi [311036,Calico] ! How often do you water? What kind of light does the plant receive? Usually yellowing is a sign of over watering, however, if the leaves yellow but don't drop from the plant we could be looking at a nutrient deficiency. If you believe this to be the case but can't replenish the plant with fresh, nutrient rich soil then it'd be best to dilute a standard indoor plant fertilizer into the water that you give the plant!