Droopy Pothos
Hi all, 
bought this Pothos at the Sill a few months ago. It used to stand erect and a couple weeks ago I came home from a short vacation where I watered it before I left but not on it’s normal day, and I came back and it was droopy like this. I water once a week with a little bit of plant food. I know my Pothos will eventually grow into a vine so not sure if it’s growing downward or im doing something wrong. Advice appreciated!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Karly! So wilting is usually an indication of moisture stress, either over or under watering. Considering there aren't any yellowed leaves I'd say the plant is under watered, so I'd go ahead and give it a drink and allow excess to drain out. You'll want to give the plant a few days to perk back up depending on how long they have been drooping. Once the soil dries out completely, or when the plant begins to droop again it'll be time for another watering!
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      Karly Thank you so much! I guess I will try to water more frequently/ pay attention to the soil. Thanks!