Marimo moss ball with tufts
I bought my moss ball from The Sill about a year or so ago. For the past couple months, my moss ball has developed tufts and is uneven, instead of smooth and doesn't look too healthy. It's still a dark green instead of brown or black in parts. I clean the bowl it's in about once a week, use cold water from the tap, it's not in direct sunlight. I use soap to clean the rocks in the bowl, but I make sure that all the residue and the bubbles are gone before I put the moss ball back. <br><br>I'm not to sure how to fix this or if I can. Does anyone have an idea of what is happening? 
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Rhaeanne! I actually have a post on my profile all about Marimo moss ball care! Do you roll your moss ball at all? Or facilitate movement in its container? Considering these guys aren't naturally round and are cultivated this way they will begin to unravel overtime if not rolled around. Usually every time I give my moss fresh water I roll them around in my hand (similar to cookie dough) to maintain that shape. They will also develop those tufts or "bed sores" from being on one side for too long, so it'll be best to move it around so it's not sitting on one side too much and you should see an improvement!