Hi, my calathea leaves have bubbles on them and they are curling ..? Does it mean it’s under watered Bc I’ve been watering once a week and misting. Is this saveable?
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Jasmine! The bubbles on the top side of the foliage appears to be water soaked lesions. This happens when water droplets land on the foliage and don't have the right conditions in order to evaporate, therefor they soak right into the leaf killing the plant tissue. Although these will remain as scars now, they shouldn't cause the rest of the leaf to decline in any way. To avoid this simply try keeping the leaves dry and avoid splashing water onto the leaves! Humidity can be boosted by placing the planter on a wet pebble tray, using a humidifier, or grouping your plants together as this will create a micro-climate and the plants will supply humidity for one another together as they transpire water from the leaves.