What is the name of the plant and how to care?
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    Cara You have a spider plant here! This looks like the "zebra grass" variegation. It's a super strong and resilient plant. Will thrive with lots of light but will also do fine in partial lighting. Water regularly and especially if the leaves start to droop or look pale in color.
    These plants are sometimes called "malea madre" which means bad momma in spanish because it "throws away" it's babies (the smaller plants coming off the main plant). You can prune those and stick them in water and they will start growing roots in a matter of days! You can propagate them very easily and put them in a pot of their own once the roots seem long and strong enough. And repeat! I have a huge one that is constantly putting out new buds so I always have a few propagating and I like to give them as gifts!
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      Zakhar Hello Cara!

      Thank you so much!

      I will try to propagate it and to give as presents to my friends!