HELP! Pilea is depressed
HELP! I’m not sure how to save my poor Pilea. The leaves have been progressively drooping and curling up. Some of the leaves are turning brown at the tip and one fell off. Branches all feel limp. 
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    Erin Hey [313639,Randy] ! How much light would you say your Pilea is getting?
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      Randy Pilea was doing really well this summer in the same location - the only thing I can think is that the area it's located gets cold on the weekends (the office shuts off the heat after 7pm M-F and on the weekend) and that maybe it's stressed due to fluctuating temperatures.
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      Randy The plant sits on a desk in the corner with South and West facing windows
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        Paris Lalicata It seems like the Pilea could be showing signs of moisture stress! Considering the plant is getting plenty of light you'll just want to ensure you are watering once the soil dries out completely. Any excess water that accumulates in the saucer should be dumped afterwards to prevent rot! Temperature shouldn't become an issue for the plant unless it gets below about 60 degrees within the office!