Philodendron ‘Silver’ Drooping, Shriveling, and Browning
We ordered this plant online from The Sill almost a month ago. When it arrived (it was shipped), many of the leaves were partially submerged in the soil. We let it be for a couple weeks, but then removed the leaves that were dead or yellowing. Since then, it seems like it’s been rapidly declining in health (but it used to be fuller before we discarded the damaged leaves, so maybe we just didn’t notice the issues until now). The leaves have started dropping, some of the stems seem totally shriveled/mushy, and leaves are browning too. We’ve been watering it every week or so when most of the soil feels dry. It’s sitting in a north/northwest-facing window with the shade fully open all day. It’s a little drafty, but we try to block the draft at night with a blanket between the pot and the window. What’s wrong with it? We’re worried it’s just going to get worse 🙁
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    E & S Also: when we cleaned out the dead leaves, we tried to unearth some of the other leaves/stems from the soil they were stuck under. Did we accidentally harm the plant?

    My only other note is that we noticed a few small, single, cobweb-like lines across some of the leaves. We haven’t seen any webs in the soil or other bug activity. Just these stray, tiny strands. Thanks!