Should We Be Worried About Our African Mask Plant?
We brought this plant home from The Sill (it wasn’t shipped; we picked it up) about a month ago. Within a week or so, we noticed yellow spots on some of the leaves. One leaf, shown, has multiple: one big one (pictured), another similarly sized one (hidden under the other leaf), and one smaller dot (pictured). The leaf on top of it (which is also curling) has a yellowish-brown streak-like marking too. I think only one other leaf has a yellow spot; that spot is small and mostly brown. These blemishes haven’t really changed much since we noticed them. They may have gotten slightly bigger/brighter but it’s hard to tell. In addition, many of the leaves have a yellow-to-blackish tip. Is the plant unhealthy or dying? Is there something we need to do? 😥

One other note: The plant came with what appears to be a newish leaf. It’s curled and bright yellowish-green. Is it actually a new leaf? If so, why isn’t it opening up or getting darker? 

As for care: The plant is in a big north/northwest-facing window. We leave the shade fully open for most of the day and close it at night. We also put a blanket between the pot and the shade at night to help block any drafts. (The window is still a little drafty unfortunately.) We water it when most of the soil feels dry (about every week and a half). Our apartment is usually in the 60s temperature-wise. It’s a little dry in here, but we put the African Mask Plant next to three other plants to increase the humidity around it. We are also getting a humidifier. We carefully removed a few dead leaves from it, but we haven’t moved or changed the soil it came with. It was potted at The Sill.

Thanks for the help! We’re worried we’re doing something wrong that needs to be fixed!
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    Pei Does the soil feel dry to touch (3" deep) when you water it? I think it may have been overwatered! African Mask likes to be completely dry out in between watering.