Hey Plant People!

My Calathea Rattlesnake has slowly started to take a turn for the worst. Many of the tips of the leaves are brown. Some of the edges are also yellow/brown and the smaller leaves on the bottom of the plant are worse still. I’ve removed the worst leaves and moved my plant to a room with less direct light. Any advice is appreciated!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Sarah! It looks like the plant could be displaying symptoms of overwatering - if the plant is in a low light setting then it'll be best to allow the soil to almost dry out between waterings. If it's in moderate-bright conditions then it'll be best to re-water once about half the soil dries out, and best to provide some level of humidity. Any damaged leaf edges can be pruned back to shape - the plant should be able to make a comeback in no time!
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      Sarah Thank you so much! I’ll keep it where it is for now (lower light) and give it some time to dry out. Okay to mist it for humidity? I don’t have a humidifier in the room right now!