Please help my Flf bendy stem
Sorry, long post....but I came home today to find that the top portion of my fiddle Leaf figs stem was droopy and a little squishy (about 1-2 inches and the two top leaves). I fastened the stem with a chopstick for strength but I don't know if I should cut the top off. The rest of the stalk feels strong/snappy and the leaves are still perky and not droopy at all. I've had this flf for about 2 months. She's grown some new leaves, haven't seen much droop or discolored leaves, and I've only watered her 2-3 times when the top soil was dry (she came pretty moist from the nursery with a layer of mossy geeen on top that has long been gone). Most recently, I watered her in the shower to also clean her leaves. She is usually located in my bedroom with a humidifier across the way. Both my bedroom and living room have a north east facing window. The sun finally came out on Saturday so I moved her closer to the window to get some rays but it has otherwise been very foggy and rainy in SF so maybe it wasn't getting enough sun? I don't understand what could have happened within a week and I am having a very hard time finding an answer/solution for a Flf with a Bendy stem