Pilea woes
Acquired 2 baby pileas a few months ago. Both seemed  to be healthy with several leaves and new shoots. Reported them in terra cotta pots using a combo of fast draining cactus potting mix, charcoal, and a few rocks. Both plants appeared to be doing well. I noticed that one plant started to show signs of distress (yellow  and browning leaves, droopiness, leaves falling) so I... 1). changed location to (near) a north-ish facing window with lots of indirect light. 2). Added a miracle grow plant food stick in the soil. 3). watered only when soil was dry. Several weeks later I (once) added big bloom liquid food to the water. <br><br>The very next day, I noticed mushrooms growing in the pot. After an extensive google search, I realized the shrooms as a sign of ‘good’ soil. I stopped adding the big bloom. However, the distressed plant continued to decline and eventual dropped every single leaf. The second pilea was still doing well during the course, having incorporated the same changes above. However, the second one, never developed shrooms. there were some occasional leaf drops and yellowing, but overall it appeared to be fine... <br><br>Over the course of the last few weeks, the second plant has begun to exhibit the exact symptoms. It is now down to 2 leaves that are very droopy. the roots seem to be intact on both plants. I have no idea what to do and feel defeated. Are they salvageable? <br><br><img src="http://"><br><br>