Birds Nest Fern
Help! I purchased my birds nest fern in the spring from a local nursery and it has been very happy until recently. We have very dry heat in our bedroom where this plant lives so I’m wondering if that’s the problem? I have put a humidifier beside it that runs on low for about 12 hours a day. It is still losing leaves but it’s also trying to make new ones. It has never been repotted but I’m not sure if putting it in a bigger pot while in distress will help? It lives in a west facing room, 4 inch pot, and is always watered from the bottom. 
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Kristen! It seems like a few things may be happening here. The plant could've outgrown its nursery container, as well as the nutrients could've degraded by now. Also, the symptoms could be caused by excessive moisture if you're not allowing it to dry out more between waterings. Therefor, I'd recommend to remove dead plant material and prune damaged leaf edges back to shape. Repot the plant into a container with fresh soil, give it plenty of light, and allow the soil to almost dry out between waterings!