Unidentified, troubled plant
<b></b>Ordered her online, but she’s completely different from the plant I ordered. It looks like she might be a bromeliad but her leaves are thicker. Her main stem came damaged and started withering. I’m not sure if I should trim that part or leave it be. I’ve been watering whenever her soil a few inches down is dry, but recently the top part of the soil is turning almost grey. She also has a few tiny flies around her. Any help would be much appreciated!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Veerle! Is the plant different from what was pictured when purchased cause there were blooms? It's hard to ID what kind of plant it is from the photo provided, but I agree with Nate that it could be an Amaryllis plant!
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    Nate Hi Veerle, could this be an Amaryllis? Is it growing from a bulb?