Monstera Troubles
<span>Alright fellow plant people...I need some help. I bought a really great monstera this summer and it has gradually reduced to just this piece. I have repotted 4 times now after realizing I had some root rot going on. Each time I've cleaned the roots and potted in well draining soil and kept watering to a minimum. I really thought this last time was going to do the trick, but the leaf has really started to droop. Tonight I pulled it out of the pot and found more rot, even though the soil was dry. I cut above the rot this time (where you see the black line), treated with peroxide (at a suggestion from a google search dealing with root rot) and I plan on keeping it in a glass of water while the one node grows out and/or more roots are produced. Am I on the right track? Any suggestions?</span>
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    Paris Lalicata Hey Nate! So there's a chance if the plant developed root rot initially other parts that may have looked healthy most likely developed it already as well. Which is why despite the proper care the plant continued to decline! (Root rot is a disease) I would say with the final cutting of the plant you certainly may have a shot of getting it to re-root. Cutting any rotting portion off the stem, and sticking it in room-temp water in front of bright indirect light may encourage the aerial root to keep growing and support the plant!
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      Nate I've had issues with this plant for months! I didn't get ahead of the root rot, but it does seem to be doing ok for now. I'm hopeful!