Can you use grow light lightbulbs with normal lamps?
Hi there, I'm wondering if I can put a grow lightbulb into my regular lamp (that has a shade) that's positioned over a lot of my plants, or if I have to specifically use a grow light? Thanks!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Julia! You can certainly use an integral grow light for any standard lamp you have already. Usually LED or CFL bulbs will be the best ones on the market you should look out for! LED being the best, and also non toxic since it doesn't have mercury gas in it!
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      Julia Barry Ok great! I've been Googling and having trouble figuring out the following:

      1) How can I figure out the grow lightbulb wattage equivalent I should use? Like if a table lamp accommodates up to 60 or 150 Watts, what grow lightbulb can I use in there without blowing up the lamp? ;) Is there a chart or rule of thumb?

      2) Can I use lampshades (over grow lightbulbs) near plants to give indirect light, or does the grow lightbulb need to be "naked" and aimed directly toward the plant(s) to be at all effective? I understand if the positive effect is lessened by having a shade cutting some of the light down, but I'm hoping it's still more beneficial than just having a tungston bulb in there.