Sad Snake Plant, help!
Am I over- or under-watering my snake plant? The outer 4 leaves have browning and one is wrinkled. Inner 4 are strong and healthy.

Should I remove the sad leaves? If so, what's the best method?
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Alisa! Yellowing is usually a sign of over watering - if the plant is in a low light setting you'll want to keep the waterings pretty in frequent. Be sure to only water once the soil has dried out completely!
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    Nate Hey Alisa, how often do you water and how much direct sun does it receive? I would guess its water related - maybe too much?
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      Alisa Almost no direct light. I usually keep the soil very dry and water lightly every few weeks (especially now in winter). But maybe the last watering was too much??
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        Melissa Yes too much water! I have one too that is very low light. It almost hates water. Mine is a big plant and I water it maybe a quarter cup every 6-8 weeks if that. If I water it more, the outer leaves tend to get soggy and droopy. I would try starving it of water for a bit, probably at least a month.