Bird’s Nest Fern Disaster! Help me help her!
I just got Birdie for Christmas and I usually have a fairly decent green thumb, at least it’s not black, but this is my first fern and I fear a complete disaster. I thought she was getting too much of a heat draft from our heater at first because the leaves were getting crispy and brown on the edges. Then i thought she wasn’t watered enough but I think I probably overwatered because the outer leaves were getting soggy and brown and falling off. So then I completely stopped watering and put her in the bathroom for humidity from the shower and she was still losing outer leaves as if overwatered. Then I came home from work one evening and she lost all the perk she had left and looked very sad. As a last resort, I pulled her out of The Sill pot she came in and wrapped the root ball in some dried moss to try to let her breathe a little better, and get some air, thinking she was a bit suffocated from the overwatering still. I misted the moss a bit so she wouldn’t dry out completely and left her in the bathroom for shower time. This is her current state of affairs. Any other ideas on how to save Birdie I’m all ears. Please please please help! Many thanks!
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Melissa! It sounds like the plant could've initially showed symptoms if your heater was directly hitting the foliage, and this could've dried out the soil at a faster rate as well. There's also a chance you could've over watered at some point which caused the yellowing if you didn't allow the soil to dry out more between waterings. If there's still healthy growth remaining then the plant can certainly make a comeback! I would remove any dead plant material. Give the plant plenty of bright indirect light to give it the energy it needs to bounce back. Allow the soil to almost dry out between waterings, and localizing some humidity will be ideal if the air in the home is arid!