Valentine Hoya
Will my Hoya heart from 2 years ago ever grow into a vine or is this it. I read that only 10% actually grow and it's a big valentine's day scam
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    Paris Lalicata Since the Hoya heart is a rooted leaf cutting from the Hoya kerri plant it'll take a lot of TLC and patience before noticing any new growth on the cutting. This could take anywhere between 5-7 years depending on the growing conditions the plant is provided! Also, at times it's usually a 50/50% chance that the rooted leaf cutting will actually have the petiole intact so it can grow into a full plant- and this is completely dependent on the time of the season and how efficient growers are at propagating the plant. While most occasions new growth will sprout, others the cutting will remain as a cute little heart shaped leaf indefinitely. I hope this helps!