It grow horizontally (I think)
<img src="http://">Hi group,<br>If anyone could help me identify this cactus I’d appreciate it. It was tipping over in it’s little 6 inch grow pot when I bought it; it seems to only grow horizontally. It looks like there’s little babies growing along each arm -  I don’t know what will happen when they get larger but for now it’s unusual and I really love it but would like to know what type of cactus this is.<br>not sure if I can send more than one pic but I’ll try.  <div>Thanks!</div>
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    Veejkay Hi Paris!
    Thank you for your reply – this is exactly why I joined a forum like this - to learn more about all the plants out there (and that I can add to my collection 🥰)!
    I googled what you said and it’s also called a corn cob cactus (but not really a cactus 😉)!
    You gave me so much great info. - Thanks so much! I hope we can talk again! 🌵🍄🌼
    And feel free to just call me “V”. 🙂
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    Paris Lalicata Hi Veejkay! This is such a beautiful Euphorbia mammillaris you were able to get your hands on (I'm jealous)! Therefore, the plant is a succulent rather than a cactus, even though they look like them!
    The plant was most likely becoming top heavy which caused it to grow more horizontally rather than vertically. However, when you do a little more research they seem to have a more unusual growth pattern once they grow into a larger specimen. Whenever you feel comfortable you can propagate the new offsets growing on the stalks by cutting them with pruners or using a sharp sterile knife. Don't worry, more will always grow on them down the line to keep propagating :)
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    Veejkay 2nd pic