Yellow/brown leaf tips
Hi group,<br>This is my corn plant. I’ve had it since December 1, 2019. It gets lots of indirect bright light because it’s positioned between a south and west window in the corner. I water it about every week and a half but I base it on whether the top inch and a half of soil is dry or not. The air is dry in here with the heat so I try to mist it each week or more if I remember. I also have it on a turntable so that I can rotate the plant so the other side gets equal light. As you can see from the second pic, the moisture meter is at three. This is where it always is and the top soil is dry for about an 1.5” down. Everything you read says this is caused by either overwatering or under watering which is so frustrating for me. Does anyone know the reason for this and how to correct it? Yellow/brown leaf tips also happen on a few of my peace lilies. <div>Thanks a lot! 🙂<br>2nd pic coming up...</div>
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    Melissa Lee I've been having this problem too! I moved my plant to an area with more wind and sunlight. Will monitor and see how it is.. I just groomed and cut off all the brown tips cus they were so unsightly.
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    Veejkay Hi there,
    Paris would you be able to offer any suggestions on this? Thanks 🙂
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    Veejkay Moisture meter is never below three or above three