Do I need more soil?
I received this fiddle leaf fig from The Sill as a present a few days ago and I noticed that there is quite a bit of air between the plant and the pot edges, at least 3/4" all the way around and down to the bottom. Do I need to add more soil? If so, what kind? I am nervous because I have a good record of killing plants. I bought a fiddle leaf fig from TJ's about 8 months ago and quickly re-potted it since it was outgrowing it's pot and it rapidly died. I had it in the same spot as I put this one. I would describe it as consistent bright indirect light. It is in the southwest corner of the room with windows on both sides but I keep the blinds closed. Is this right? Thank you!
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    Pei [319317,Allison B] Fiddle likes to be in direct to indirect bright light environment. Southwest corner is perfect for it, but you'd want to open the blinds so your plant can get the light it needs.

    And yes, you can add more soil to the planter. Any soil on the market, specific for indoor plants only, will work. All you need to do is fill the empty space with soil and you are good to go. One quick tip, you can also separately purchase a bag of perlites and mix it to the soil for repotting. Perlites are volcano rocks and basically what they do is to help the airflow in the root system. FLF will appreciate that :) Hope this helps!!
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      Erin Agree! Consistent indirect bright light sound be fine, I’d just open those blinds if you can. I’d also recommend filling in with potting soil if you have at home. If you don’t - shoot their customer service an email, they’re usually very accommodating and will send you some. Also, you got this!!!! Fiddles can be fickle but once you get them into a good routine, you’re good to go!