What’s Wrong With My Monstera?
Hi everyone! <div>I recently purchased a Monstera a few weeks ago from The Sill & it’s leaves are starting to brown + curl at the ends as well as some younger leaves turning completely yellow. I water it every Sunday & as of right now (4 days later) when I stick my finger in the soil it’s slightly damp. I recently bought a mister to gently mist it every now & then but is that something that should help? Am I overwatering it? Watering too little? A lighting issue? Help :( </div>
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    Pei It looks like overwatering and low light issues. Mostera in general likes to be in an indirect bright or a few hours of full sun environment (3-4 hours of the morning or late afternoon sun). I suggest letting the soil dry out at least 2-3 inches deep (always feel the soil with your fingers before you water again) and moving the plant closer to a window. The plant should be sitting within 1-2 feet if you can't put in on a sill.