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  • Spooky plants
    In honor of Halloween, what's your favorite plant oddity? Mine is definitely White Baneberry!
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      Paris Lalicata These are SO cool Erin!
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      Erin This one, a fungi, is pretty halloween-friendly too – Hydnellum peckii or Devil's Tooth
  • Seeking grow light recommendations!
    I just moved and my new place doesn't get as much bright direct light as my old one did. Does any one have any grow light brands they recommend? Thanks! 
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      Mr. Houseplant I can share a few grow light recommendations, I have been using them for the past couple of months. Soltech Solutions has beautiful lights, very strong. If you are looking for something more affordable Sansi produces very strong light bulbs. Both Soltech's (40W light) and Sansi's lights (the 36W bulb) give over 100,000 lux of light at 2 inches away, so they are very strong! You can keep most your plants at 1-2 feet away and they will still do well. Happy to answer any questions you might have :) Oh, and both lights are warm white (yellow), not purple
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      Pei [291209,Enid Hernandez] shared a few of her grow light picks with me the other day. Maybe she can help?
  • Propagating a leggy succulent
    Wanted to share my most recent propagation! I usually let leggy plants be but I was afraid this fella would break off because it was so small and fragile. Seems to be doing well and the leaves are starting to root. :) 
  • Quick read!
    Twice as many plants have gone extinct than birds, mammals, and amphibians combined: 
  • Do you aerate your plants' potting mix?
    I saw the post below from Darryl Cheng on @houseplantjournal on Instagram, and am wondering if anyone else swears by aerating their houseplants' potting mix?
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      Nicole I nearly killed my maidenhair fern by not aerating it. The water apparently was running down the inside edges of the pot and the majority of the roots stayed dry. Then one day, plant looked great in the morning, and when I came home, it was crispy all over.
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      Pei I don't! I found fingers work just about the same. Or I'd let my plants tell me if they are thirsty. For example, I will hold off the water until they are "slightly" droopy.
  • Book recommendations?
    Anyone have any reading recs on the history of houseplants? I was reading an article earlier that said the ZZ Plant wasn't grown commercially until until 1996 (!!!) and they cited this book. 
  • Planter for Lavender?
    I brought a lavender plant home to test it out, and it seems to be doing well in my south-facing windowsill! Now that I know it'll survive – I want to move it from its plastic grow pot into a planter. Any recommendations? Is drainage key here? 
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      Sadni Yes sadly my lavender died of root rot very quickly and I had planted it in a ceramic pot with small drainage holes. So I would suggest a pot that has good drainage!
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      Pei You are so luck!! South facing widow is the best for caring lavender.

      Drainage is definitely the key here. Lavender likes to dry out between waterings so it's best to use a terra cotta pot IMO.
  • Aloe vera question -
    I have a giant Aloe vera at home (pictured). Unfortunately it looks like one of the more mature leaves has indented, and is getting worse each day. Should I proactively remove it or let it be? It's a more mature leaf, but not the oldest / at the bottom. 
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      Pei I don't think you need to remove it. Your cat was probably curious about it and a little rough 😁It looks SUPER happy!
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      PlntNrd Amazing! How much light does it get and what’s the quality of that light? Direct sun, partial shade, etc. How often do you water? Aloes need a ton of full sun. If they do not get enough, they’re leaves can become weak and then, due to the weight, they can bend, fold, or crease in areas. Another possibility is too much water, again making the leaves soft in spots allowing the bending. Yet another possibility, is it possible that someone or something might have bumped against it and damaged that area causing a slight break inside of the leaf, which then causes the whole leaf to bend? Once they bend or fold, they can not return to the way the leaf looked previously. If it’s bothering you, you could either cut at the bend or remove the leaf.
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      Erin For scale (also- isn't she a beauty?!)
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  • Lavender Houseplant?
    Does anyone have tips for growing lavender inside? I've been eyeing one to put next to my bed, but have only heard horror stories about how hard it is to keep alive. 
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      PlntNrd Lavender can be difficult to maintain indoors and requires a bit of upkeep. First, as Pei said, they needs lots of sun, about 8 hrs of full sun throughout the day. If you don’t have a south facing window right next to your bed that will shine sun on the lavender for at least 8 hrs, then maybe try using a fluorescent light for 12 hrs. Another thing is they prefer a sandy/rocky/gritty slightly alkali soil. Needs to have a ph of around 7. You will need to check the soil ph monthly and adjust to around 7. If the soil becomes too acidic, it will die slowly. They do not like humidity or cold. Hot and dry is best for them. When watering, allow soil to dry out slightly before watering again. The hate overwet soil, which is why you need a very gritty mix, but if you let it dry out too much they will start to yellow.
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      Pei [278933,Erin Marino] SAME! I read that in general herbs need A LOT of sun. like full sun if possible at least 6 hours a day. You want to prune it regularly too.
  • Sad Alocasia
    Have had this Alocasia from a nursery in New Jersey for a few months now, and can't seem to keep more than one leaf alive and healthy on it at a time! Is this normal? I don't mind it- but want to make sure I'm not killing the guy :) 

    What happened to the right leaf had happened to another leaf before- ended up dying, I hacked it off eventually, then a new one grew, and now happening again. 

    I keep it a few feet away from a large south facing window, and water about every 10 days when soil is completely dry. 
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      PlntNrd I think your Alocasia is getting too much light and possibly not enough water. Alocasia’s like partial shade to bright indirect light. Never direct full sun. If you have it in the same place with your Cacti, it’s most likely getting way too much light. They also like their soil to be consistently moist and a lot of humidity. I would move it to a shadier spot, water a little more, and put on a pebble tray or use a humidifier.
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      Pei Think could be spider mites? Did you see any webbing almost on the leaves? And I agree with [291176,Phoebe Cheong], maybe it's not getting enough sun...
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      Phoebe Cheong Mine is the same too!!
      I have a feeling its due to humidity and lack of light?
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  • Any recs for punny plant names?
    (Not my photo! Found on Tumblr) 
  • Need a Plant ID!
    Can anyone identify this plant for me? 
  • Fall Plant Care
    Any pro tips for helping your houseplants transition from summer to fall?