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    Hi everyone,

    This site is not active!!

    We are moving to The Sill Plant Parent Club Facebook Group. It is the same dedicated space for you to connect, make friends, ask plant questions, and more. Our plant expert will be monitoring the group and answer all your plant questions.

    We hopeย to see you there!
  • Plant Swap Party in LA
    I just saw this event (<a href="" title="Link:"></a>) on The Sill's Eventbrite page. Is anyone going? <br>
  • Plant Sale/Adoption
    Hey everyone, <br><br>I am moving and can't take most of my plants with me. Would anyone be interested in buying or adopting them? I don't feel comfortable shipping plants, so would be pick up in <i>NYC only</i>. Let me know if anyone is intersted and I can post the photos!! <br><br><br>
  • Asparagus fern care tips
    I just bought a 6โ€ hanging asparagus fern and wondering if anyone has experience taking care of them? <br><br>I killed one a while back that I was never able to find the right light and water requirements :( want to do it right this time!!
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      Erin What a beauty! I heard they thrive in bright light with weekly waterings / misting. Good luck!
  • Aralia care
    I am<i> a fairly confident</i> plant parent, but definitely struggle with keeping my Aralia happy. Does anyone have any tips to share? <br><br>Specifically, what do you do when it goes in a "shedding mood"? The photo is what it looks like now โ€“ it was twice fuller and compacted before :( 
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      Pei [291063,Plants_Armstrong] here it is!
  • Marimo Balls with Beta Fish
    Has anyone tried putting Marimo moss balls with their fish? My beta seemed happy about it and enjoyed the company (at least I thought so <span>๐Ÿ˜…). <br><br>What other plants can I put in the water, too? </span>
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      Pei [319120,Jamie] I am not sure what's called, but I got it from the pet store. it's a type of aquatic plants....
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      Jamie I have a marimo and this is a great idea! What's the other plant you have in there?
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      Eliza Blank [278958,PeiYoung] how many marimo balls are in there? I was curious how many you can put together in one jar of water...I think the more the better :)
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  • Cats with Plants or Plants with Cats?
    <img>I have recently adopted a kitty who has been very curious about plants. So far, I have already potted and repotted six plants now. She would jump into and dig in the soil of my floor plants. Anybody has tips how to keep the kitty away? I have tried the essential oil i read online, but it only worked for a sec and she jumped right back in as soon as the scent dissipated. HELP! 
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      KADyer Lol ๐Ÿ˜…! Sorry, but I have a Cat as well. She likes to HIDE within them (plant clusters, etc โ˜บ๏ธ). She has 'pawed out soil' as well as my 'Potted-Semi-Hydroponic' plants-she tosses out the "LECA PELLETS'!!! CATS....Gotta Love em'!
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      Courtney Stroot I put pinecones in the soil to keep the cats from thinking is a second litter box. Doesnโ€™t always help keep them away from the plants in general but itโ€™s a start. They donโ€™t like the sharpness or the crunch of the pinecone when they step on it.
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      PlntNrd Some cats can be very persistent and unwavering, no matter what kind of plant it is. I had a bunch of Cacti many many years ago and my cat somehow found a way to pull out the needles without hurting himself and then left them around my house for me to step on!
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  • Who is this beauty???
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      PlntNrd Yes, thatโ€™s a variegated Peperomia argyreia, aka Watermelon Peperomia. I believe the variegated kind are a bit rare, at least hard to find and they are, at least, double the price of the non-variegated. Thatโ€™s a great find!
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      Paula Diamond Roman Want! Where did you buy it?
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      Erin Where can I find one?!
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  • HELP! Yellow leaves on Fiddle Leaf Fig
    Can anyone please tell what's going on? <br><br>My Fiddle has been dropping leaves for about two weeks now. Please hellllp!
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      Beth The same thing happened to mine recently, it is a stick right now. Fiddle leaf figs are VERY finicky. If you just recently moved it, that could be why. You have to find the sweet spot in your home when it comes to lighting and once you figure out that and how often to water, they are pretty low maintenance. Is the soil consistently moist with good drainage? Mine stresses out of it goes too long without water but they can not handle sitting water. I like to use plant watering stakes (but still check up on) my plants I have issues with when it comes to watering.
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      Wyatt Plants Things [279061,Christopher Satch (The Sill Plant Scientist)] HALPPP
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      Wyatt Plants Things I'm having the same problem! grrrr
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  • My Beloved Silver Dollar Vine
    <a target="" rel="" title="Link: null"><img alt="">Is she a beauty or not? </a>
  • Calendar reminder to water plants?
    I set up a calendar reminder for watering plants every 7 to 10 days. Is that ok? I do want to learn if there's any tale-tell sign when plants are thirsty?<i> Thoughts?<br><br><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><img alt=""><a target="" rel=""><img alt=""><img alt=""></a><br></i>
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      Pei Agreed with [278933,Erin Marino] . What I also find helpful is to feel the soil before watering. Meaning poke the soil a bit and make sure it is dry to touch by at least 1" to 2" (depends on the plants) Hope this helps :)
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      Erin When I first started collecting houseplants- I was watering them every Sunday like clockwork. No surprise that most of them died from overwatering... Now (after a few years of trial and error!) I've learned to wait for visual signs before I water like Jam mentioned below (drooping leaves, wrinkling, etc.) Hasn't really failed me yet! And I find myself watering a lot less often than I was in the beginning.
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      Jam Y8 I check all of my plants soil once a week and only water if the soil is dry from the top 2". I think a tale-tell would be curling, drooping leaves or wrinkling (for succulents/cacti). hope this helps!