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  • what's happening to my rubber tree?
    My rubber tree keeps losing leaves one by one. They turn yellow and mottled then fall off. Any idea what might be happening? It looks like damage from spider mites but I can't find any sign of pests - no webbing and no red dots moving!
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      Stephanie A month or so ago I lost a couple leaves off my rubber tree in the exact same situation - they turned bright yellow and fell off, but there were no signs of pests at all. I found that putting the plant in the brightest spot in my apartment and waiting to water until the soil was completely dry put a stop to it. Good luck!
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      Pei Where does it live - how much sun and water does it get?? Can you share a few photos of the plant? It helps to identify the problem too :)
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      PlntNrd How long have you had it, how do you water it, is there drainage, and have there been any changes lately (moved to a different room, etc)? Spider mites can cause that mottling pattern you’re seeing, but they aren’t the only thing that does that. I would look at how you’re watering and if there’s drainage, because yellowing and significant leaf drop can be a sign of inconsistent/over watering.
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  • New leaf on Monstera with brown spots
    I just noticed that my new leaf coming in on my Monstera has brown spots on it. Any idea what this could be? A plant of mine that used to be near this had spider mites so I'm really hoping that's not related to it. Already searched the plant but found no evidence of pests.
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      Jam Y8 That's odd!
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      Pei i read it somewhere that inconsistent watering schedule will cause that? but can't be sure....
  • What should I do when my bromeliad bract starts to dry out??
    The bracts of my bromeliad are starting to dry out. What should I do? Separate the pup to plant and throw out the mother plant? Or just cut off the colorful bract?
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      PlntNrd So you need to remove the bract when it dies, but don’t need to throw away the plant. Once you remove the bract, there is a good chance that more pups will form and the plant will continue to live for awhile. One way to try removing the bract, I do this, is to twist it left and right repeatedly until it pops off. This has always been the easiest way for me and it removes the entire bract without damaging the plant, but, if you prefer or are more comfortable, cut it. If you cut the bract, obviously use clean sharp scissors or knife, cut as far down as possible to remove the whole bract.
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      Pei I think you need to behead it!
  • Favorite thrifted plant pots??
    I love going to thrift stores to find unique pots for my plants. I'm especially loving my baby pileas in two little pitchers I found. Anyone else have some favorite thrifted planters??
  • Holiday decorating with plants
    I recently used some of my plants as the centerpiece for my family's holiday party. Anyone else using their plants to decorate for the holidays? I would love to see what you've done to get more ideas!!
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      PlntNrd Ok, I know I’m a little late to this one, but here’s a pic of what we did this, or I guess last, year. Didn’t feel like going through the hassle of dealing with a tree, but in an effort to make the house a little more festive we decided to decorate one of the plant stands and this becasue our Christmas tree.
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      Christina Sotto These are all so cute
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      Wyatt Plants Things I put Christmas lights on my fiddle leaf... i DO NOT advise doing the same.The leaves quickly show signs of stress. Needless to say, I will be leaving my fiddle leaf alone this yuletide.
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  • Propagating a spider plant
    What's the best way to propagate spider plant offshoots/babies? In water or just putting them in soil? I just planted mine (with no roots) but I'm not sure if that's the best option!