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  • dracaena marginata needs help!
    guys! the lower stocks of my dracaena marginata are not doing too well. the leaves are falling off (only on the lower trunks?). it was getting some direct sunlight during the morning and bright indirect sunlight throughout the day so thought it might be needing more sunlight so I moved it to my living room but alas it doesn't seem to be helping. I water ~2xs a month since it doesn't get a ton of direct light. <br><br>can someone help me?!
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      Erin Not sure if it's the same issue but my dracaena had similar visual symptoms and I think it was from overwatering!
  • This pep is a beaut
    But what kind of sunlight does it need?! Any other tips to keep its leaves dark green?
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      Sam [278949,Christina Sotto] I have mine in bright indirect light and it seems to be really happy there. Mine is even blooming!
  • What pest is this!
    I watered my cactus last night, and this mold looking pest literally grew on one of the stocks over night! I already separated it from the other stock and threw it out, but WOW! I need help to diagnose so I can take care of the other stock.
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      PlntNrd Yeah, looks like maybe mealy bugs. Take a qtip soaked in alcohol or just mist alcohol directly on cottony looking stuff. If it’s mealy bugs, you’ll see that white cottony stuff fade away and then a little bug (yuck) will be left behind. Good thing though, alcohol kills mealy bugs, so you’ll be killing them at the same time. When I spray alcohol on mealy they also turn a darker color. If they do turn out to be mealys, you can spot treat by killing and wiping away with alcohol qtips. Repeat this every week for a few weeks, until you no longer see the mealys. If they infestation is really bad, you may want to remove very infested parts of the plant. Also, if this is a houseplant or potted outdoor plant, you will want to remove it and keep away from nearby plants so the infestation doesn’t spread to others.
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      Jam Y8 Oh no! :( looks like mealy?