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  • Holy Grail Plants
    Do you guys have any plants that you're absolutely pining for? I'd personally love a good peperomia prostrata (string of turtles)!
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      Paris Lalicata I have been dying to get a crocodile fern, a Philodendron "Jungle Boogie", and a Zig Zag cactus!
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      Maranda I really want an African Violet! I'm in a few plant groups on fb, and lots of people post pics and I just fall in love with them. They're so pretty!
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      Pei oh man, where do I start! But my top 3 is: variegated monstera, stephaniaerecta, and zz raven!
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  • Can I Propagate This?
    This guy broke off of a monstera. I repotted it but I don't think there was a node - will it still grow?
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      Sam update: my poor guy didn't make it. i should have watered it more frequently since it was smaller. it was a fun experiment nonetheless!
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      Plant Dad If there's 2 leaves, then it's likely that there's a node to grow, for sure!