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  • hoya new growth!
    My hoya heart has started to show new growth (eek!). What's the best way to make sure I'm taking care of this properly so it keeps on growing?!
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      jenna Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Now that it’s started to grow, it will continue to grow quickly. It just takes forever to begin. Don’t overwater, just continue as you’ve been doing. And don’t be tempted to go up in pot size too often. Hoya’s like to be in a snug pot. Mine took two years and now is a big viney plant.
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      Enid Hernandez Congratulation! How long did it take? I'm hoping my hoya heart will grow. I hear it can take a while.
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      Pei lots of bright light and always check the soil before water. I read that Hoya is naturally a slow grower. [286317,Chrissy]
  • Maranta tips
    The tips of these leaves are getting this brown crunchy look. I don't mist the leaves and I avoid getting them wet. But these are popping up on about 50% of the leaves. What do I do? 
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      PlntNrd I only give my plants spring water. My tap water has a lot of chlorine, flouride, and metals in it and they all are horrible for plants. Tap water causes browning of leaves, but not like this. Is this only on the tips or are there spots on other parts of the leaves? This looks like it could possibly be leaf spot, which is caused by a fungus or bacteria. Leaf spot causes brown spots with a yellow ring around the outer edge on leaves. If you have these spots only on the tips of your Maranta, then it probably is due to low humidity, but if they are all over leaves, I would suspect leaf spot. Besides, a humidifier, you could make a humidity tray to put your plant on. I have all of my Calatheas, Marantas, ferns, etc on pebble trays right now, as well as, humidifiers in rooms.
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      Chrissy Ohhh thanks! I just got a swanky humidifier as a Christmas gift, so I'll see if that helps. And try out the water suggestion :)
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      Sam This is happening to my calathea too! I have it in the bathroom so it’s getting great humidity. Should i switch to distilled water perhaps?
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  • This fern is sad?
    I normally do so well with plants, but this blue star fern is giving me some grief. These leaves are turning this color pretty rapidly. How do I take care of this one properly? 
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      PlntNrd That looks like it could be an issue with watering. Unfortunately, overwatering and underwatering can look the same sometimes. My green prayer plant gets yellow when I underwater it, because it likes to be moist at all times. Ferns like to be consistently moist too, but not overwatered or sitting in water. They also require high humidity. How often do you water this guy or, better yet, are you letting the soil dry out at all? Don’t let the top of the soil dry out and check the humidity in your home. If you have a window in your bathroom, that could be a good home for a fern.
  • Old leaf?
    I hate when my plants lost leaves (makes me feel like a bad plant mom!) Is this one just falling off because it's old?<br><br>Should I let it fall off naturally or snip it off? <span id="_wysihtml5-undo" class="_wysihtml5-temp"></span>
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      PlntNrd Wow, that is a beautiful Pilea pep. Yes, it is just due to age. I have one and that happens with the older leaves. You could probably just touch the leaf and lift it up a little, or even to the left or right, and it will just break off easily where it’s attached to the stem. I don’t like to leaves on my plants once they get so old they start yellowing. I don’t really want them putting all of their energy in to saving an old leaf that is going to come off soon anyway.
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      Pei i think either is fine. I usually like to snip it just cuz i can't stand the yellow sight. ha
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      Wyatt Plants Things Omg this pilea is so stunning!
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  • Snake Plant Spots
    I have had this snake plant for a while, but I can't remember if these spots were there when I purchased this or not. <br><br>Anyway - are these ok? Will they spread?