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  • Omg, Finally!!!!
    My Monstera just unfurled a new leaf and I got an exciting surprise!!! It has its first fenestration!!!! I’m so excited; I’ve been waiting and waiting and it finally happened. It’s just one (and it’s a little baby split), but, hopefully, each new leaf from now on will have more and more. 
  • Finally got the husband to hang these..
    I bought 3 of these some time last year and they’ve been sitting in a box. I finally got my husband to hang them up for me and then I had to figure out what to put in them. I’m so happy with how they turned out! I really love the way they look above the couch with my pics and I love the way the plants look in them. Now I have to decide where to put the third one, but I’m definitely very pleased with the look of these two. 
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      Erin Digging the pops of green against the dark wall!
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      Pei 😍😍😍 they look awesome! Can’t wait to see when the philo starts vining.

      Is that a spider plants on the left? I personally also really like asparagus fern. They vine and so elegant!
  • What?!?! Where did you come from?!
    Omg, I can’t believe it!! My Imperial Red Philo is blooming and I didn’t even notice until today. Thank goodness I went to water some plants in my bedroom and saw it. Two blooms had already faded and died and, I’m guessing, this one will be gone tomorrow. It looks like there’s 2-4 more still to open, but I could have missed them all! 
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      abcactus This is absolutely gorgeous!!
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      Pei 😍😍😍 nothing is more rewarding than see your plants putting out new growths or flowers 😍😍😍
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  • One day mine will be this big!!!
    This is in my absolute favorite nursery in Md. They have gorgeous plants and incredible finds. I always stop here when I’m in Olney. I can’t belive how big this Fiddle is!!! If I had room, I would totally get one. 
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      Erin Ooooo! She's a beauty.
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      Pei what's the place called? Would love to visit when I am in town 😍

      I would love to have a FLF one day, but feel like I would end up hating it because how temperamental they are!
  • Just for some fun.....
    Currently, what is your favorite type of plant (or plants)? And why?<br><br>Right now, I’m really in to Aglaos. I love the variety in colors (they have such beautiful pinks) and I really appreciate that they do so well in low light situations and they’re easy to care for. My other fav is most types of succulents (Echeveria, Sedum, Pachyveria, Gasteria, graptosedum, anacampseros, ugh, I could go on and on). They’re all so stunning and unusual looking and when they flower, super amazing! They can be a bit of a pain when it comes to care, but worth the effort. 
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      Lizzie I'd say I'm an obvious fan of my moonlight philo! But I'm having a love affair with my pothos and nerve plants lately. They really communicate their needs and it's fun to see!
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      Pei [288486,PlntNrd] my currently favorite is all the alocasia! They always have interesting texture and colors. However they are NOT easy :(
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      Sarina Perez I also like Calathea for their shade tolerance and intricate patterns :) My Velvet Jungle is probably one of my all time favorites. I put it right by my armchair so I can pet its silky leaves <3 agreed that some plants are worth the extra effort!
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  • Finally!
    I finally got my lazy butt moving and potted my 5 newest additions. Now, where to put them? I definitely have some rearranging to do in order to make some room. The floor looks good enough for today (and maybe tomorrow too) though!
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      Pei love the Agloanema!!!
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      Erin Such beauties! Love the mix of variegation.