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  • Help my Freddie
    Hi guys!<br><br>so I got a Freddie Calathea a few months ago and he was doing great. Even sprouting some new leaves before growth season really kicked in. He was super happy with his bright indirect lighting, and I kept the humidity relatively high with watering about once a week.<br><br>Now that growth season has started, he seemed thirstier, so I bumped up water to about twice each week. He seemed happy with that for about three weeks until about two days ago.. His leaves curled in and he kind of just fell over like he couldn’t hold himself up anymore. <br><br>Anyone have any advice?<br><br><span>Please help! Thanks <3</span>
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      Pei Hi [289062,Tessa] your Freddie looks SUPER thirsty. You mentioned you bumped up the water frequency, but how much water do you give each time?
  • Monstera Leaf Progress?
    I have had my monstera for about 2 years now, and I bought her as a tiny little one with just a few leaves.  None of the leaves have split yet, but I have noticed some funky holes in one of the leaves.  Is this a problematic leaf, or is this what it starts to look like before the splitting happens?
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      PlntNrd What you’re noticing on your Monstera is due to low humidity. There is a lot of debate and misinformation online, but Monsteras leaves that unfurl unfenestrated will stay that way. The fenestrations develop before the leaf unfurls. When you hear “Monstera leaves split as they age”, that means that juvenile plants do not make fenestrated leaves, while mature ones do, not that already developed leaves will split over time. Monsteras are tropical plants and appreciate humidity. That should help the littles tears you are seeing.
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      Pei [289062,Tessa] when was the last time you repot it and how much sun does it get? I read that those famous holes and splittings actually come as they age.