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  • Pilea Problems!
    I bought several pileas from the Sill in the spring and they've were all thriving over the spring and summer. I've noticed that over the past few months, they've been dropping leaves from the bottom of their stems. Usually the leaf turns yellow, develops a brown spot in the middle (shown in picture) that grows, and then the entire leaf become brown and it falls off. I'm worried because leaves seem to be dropping one after the other in this manner from the bottom up and my plant is looking pretty bare. <br><br>I don't think I've changed my care habits since the summer, so I'm pretty stumped. The pileas are still in the same spot - right next too a West facing window, and I allow them to dry out between waterings. They are up near a window so I'm wondering if the cold has anything to do with this? I did get them in the spring so I haven't cared for these plants in the winter yet. Any help would be amazing! Thank you so much :)
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Selena! Usually the yellowing/browning is due to over watering. Considering day light hours have decreased the plant is taking up water/nutrients at a much slower rate. I would try allowing the soil to remain a little dry before watering! Usually during the Fall/Winter I water my Pilea once I start to notice it really drooping :)
  • Wilting Monstera after Repot
    Hi! I repotted this Monstera a few weeks ago and the base leaves have been wilted ever since. A few leaves at the base went yellow after the repotting. I think I may have not had the best technique while repotting and caused root shock. I repotted a second Monstera and that one seems to be doing much better and is not wilting.<br><br>For this plant, what do you recommend to get it back to being healthy again? I'm basically leaving it in a sunny spot and watering appropriately, but it doesn't seem to be bouncing back. No more leaves seem to be turning yellow, however, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
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      MALINDA Monsteras can get kind of emotional after a repotting. I had a similar experience after repotting a large monstera. The roots took awhile to get their minds right and start doing their June again. I thought I had murdered my 14 year old plant.

      Just make sure it has good humidity and keep watering appropriately. There may be more yellowing before it finishes acclimating to the new pot. While this is happening, just remember that you're still a good person.
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      Pei Is that the most recent photo of the plant? She looks SUPER happy though :)
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  • Suggestions for type of potting mix to repot monsteras
    Hello! I got these two monstera plants a few weeks ago and they've settled nicely into my home. However, their are some roots peeping through the drainage hole and the small/short leaves at their base have turned yellow despite me not overwatering, and so I think it might be time to repot and since it's the beginning of spring, it seems like a good time.<br><br>What mixture of potting mix do you recommend, including the ratios, for these monstera? I've been reading about mixes that contain half/half regular potting mix with cacti mix along with perlite mixed in. Please let me know which ratios/combinations have worked best for you!<br><br>Also - is it okay to repot these into bigger nursery pots with drainage and then place them in decorative pots? I see that some people do this but I'm unsure if they can remain in a plastic nursery pot longterm until a next repotting. thank you!
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      Pei Agree with [291076,Janee] - I like use fox farm soil!!

      One thing i do want to point out is that the roots you saw above soil are actually aeroid roots. YOu don't want to bury those in the soil, well event if you do, they will "crawl out" naturally hahah!

      The sill has a good monstera article you might want to check it out!
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      Janee fox farm soil just use that my monstera are doing really well in it. Also i think which plant pot you use depends on what kind of plant keeper you are.
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  • pilea peperomioides leaves turning brown and falling off
    I got a mini pilea peperomioides from the UWS Sill a few weeks ago and it hasn't been doing well. I initially had it near a north facing window but moved it to an unobstructed west facing window after reading that north facing windows provide lowest light levels. I may have over watered in that I didn't let the soil really dry out between waterings.<br><br>Leaves have been going brown and falling off. Is this due to over watering? If so, how can I revive my mini pilea peperomioides? :(<br><br>Any thoughts and comments would be incredibly helpful! thank you!<br>
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      Paris Lalicata Hi Selena! The colors of the leaves can be an indication of overwatering. Are any other parts of the plant soft and mushy to the touch? After removing all dead and brown leaves it would be a good idea to investigate the roots and see if root rot has set in. If this isn't the case I've seen leaves brown like this due to cold damage. If you leave a window open for too long cold drafts can do bad damage to your plants.. hope this helps!
  • Wilting Monstera :(
    I got this Monstera from the UWS Sill location a few weeks ago. I initially had it in my room near a north facing window, but then I read that north facing windows provide the lowest light. I moved in right next to my unobstructed west facing living window after about a week or so. I may have overwatered it at some point, I think I was watering the recommended 1x/week but I might not have waited until the soil was dry enough. I've since been really cautious about watering.<br><br>Several leaves are wilting a lot and one small leaf is very yellow. I noticed another larger leaf (not shown well in this photo) is getting a yellow around one edge. I'm confused because the information card the Sill gave me about Monstera plants said that wilting is a sign of under watering while yellow leaves are a sign of over watering - but I have leaves that are in both categories so I'm not sure what's going on.<br><br>I've also just moved my plant again yesterday about 2 feet away from the unobstructed west facing window on top of this mantle. One leaf was getting a little brown and "crispy" looking at its edge and I wasn't sure if this was due to too much light (though it's winter so I'm not sure if the light is too much at this time of year). Also, I noticed that one of the stems feels "loose" near the soil, like it's not anchored properly, and all the leaves coming off that stem are super wilting. But that stem was "loose" like that at the soil when I got it from the Sill. Unfortunately, I can only attach one photo (don't know why it's sideways)<br><br>Any thoughts and comments would be much appreciated! Really hoping I can improve this plant's situation!
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      Eliza Blank Selena, I recommend you cut out the yellow leaves and situate the Monstera in direct light (so long as it's warm... ie not touching a cold or drafty window) and really let it dry out. It should make a full recovery! You can also clip out that one "loose" stem. The plant will put all its energy into the healthy leaves and new leaves soon too!