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  • Repotted polka dot and nerve plant
    I bought these cuties a month ago and recently repotted them in this repurposed candle container.😃
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      PlntNrd So just a little warning with this. It may not happen to you and you might be able to totally disregard this message, but....
      I also did this with a candle holder that looks very similar. It was a candle that I got in a FabFitFun subscription box. I drilled a hole in the bottom and planted a cute little succulent in it. As the months went by I started noticed the metal turning blue/green and this thick powdery stuff accumulating around the inside of the pot. It turned out the metal was tarnishing from when I would water my plant and I had a succulent in there, so it wasn’t that often. I only noticed it because my succ started looking sickly and dying. I couldn’t figure out why and I started investigating. I’m pretty positive that the tarnished metal was poisoning my plant. I moved it to a different pot and now it’s fine. So, just keep an eye out looking at inside rim of the pot every time you water and if you start seeing a blue or green color change, think about maybe using something else for your plant.
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      Pei [289890,Yecenia] i love all your planter choice. You have great taste!!!
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      Erin So cute! I love repurposing all candles.
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  • Plant Family Portrait
    My happy family:)
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      Lizzie LOVE the orange pot with the bright green leaves!
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      Pei [289890,Yecenia] you have to share your secret!!! Do you have a humidifier for your plants?
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      Erin Oooo so cute! Your pinstripe calathea is beautiful.
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  • Pinstripe Calathea
    Sam (LES shop) invited me to share my pics of my babies. This is my Party Girl, Parker Posey. I got her in September, and she is thriving beautifully.