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  • Bird of Paradise: bugs or fungus? Help?
    Hello! I've had this bop for about 5 months and it was doing just fine as far as I know. At one point I noticed some bugs under the leaves (turned out to be spider mites). I cleaned the, off and treated it with need oil and then let it go. A few weeks later I saw the tip of the newest leaf turning black and saw that there were more mites. I cleaned them off again. Within a week half of both large leaves were burned black (see pic). Someone told me that it was the spider mite damage and that if I cleared those out it would be fine and the new growth would be healthy. I went to war with the bugs and haven't seen the, in a week. But a new leaf is just barely poking out and I can already see that the tip is burned black as well :(<br>so my questions are: is this what the mites did? If not what could it be? And then can I save it? Or is it a goner? <br>ThNk you so much in advance for any insight! 
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      Pei Unfortunately Parlor palm is a MAGNET for spider mites. Those are likely cause by it. I suggest to snip off anydahed leaves and keep a vigilant eyes on your palm at all times. Your plant is not dead, it’s just unfortunate that Parlor palm is a high maintenance plant (because of the mites) in my opinion. Also, when you use neem oil, make sure you dilute it with water. If you don’t, you’ll chemically burn the leaves!
  • Monstera location
    Hi! I just got a baby monstera from the sill. I’m super excited. Can anyone tell me if this is enough light for it? It’s a large northish facing window.<br><br>
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      Stephiem3 Thanks everyone! I didn’t realize that the heater/ac vent blows right along that whole window so I moved the plant until I can get a huge ladder to adjust it 🙄
      Hopefully it’ll be happy :)
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      Erin Great view!
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      Sam Second Pei! it would help a lot to give it more height so it will be level with the window. maybe a stack of cute books?
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