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  • What's Up with my Monstera??
    About a year ago, I purchased this Monstera from The Sill <3 and so far it's been doing great and I've had no problems. However, recently, I've discovered some black spots on the leaves and stalk of my plant, that kinda resemble ink blots. Besides the spots, it seems to be doing well, as two new leaves are forming. I took my Monstera outside to get some sunlight a few days ago, could it be a sunburn? Or, is this a sign of something much worse? This album has additional images. <a target="" rel=""></a><a href="" target="" rel="" title="Link:"></a><br><br>Please help!<img alt=""><img alt=""> :( 
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      Bezan Hello Abby,

      How often do you water your Monstera? It may be helpful to allow the soil to dry out almost completely before watering it again. Also, make sure not the splash the leaves of the Monstera with water when watering as they are susceptible to bacterial/fungal spots, which is most likely what you're seeing with your Monstera.

      Hope this helps!
  • Calathea Help
    About a month ago, I purchased this Calathea Medallion plant at The Sill store in Chinatown. However, it doesn't seem to be very happy. The edges of the leaves are brown and brittle, and some leaves are yellowing. I know sometimes yellowing can be a sign of overwatering, so I haven't watered it in about a week.  Right now the plant is on a desk, so it doesn't get direct sunlight but also isn't in darkness. I asked one of my green-thumbed friends for advice, and she thought initially it might be spider mites or type of water, but I checked the leaves and they seem fine and also switched to only watering with bottled water (but again, I haven't watered it in over a week). Anyone have any similar experiences or have any idea what to do? 
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      PlntNrd Now that you have switched to bottled water, you won’t see the affected leaves improve, they, hopefully, just won’t get worse. You definitely need to up the humidity for this guy. I have all of mine on pebble trays and that still wasn’t humid enough in my house. I had to buy a small cold mist humidifier that sits on the stand with my plants misting directly on them for 10 hrs a day, then I move it to my ferns for another 10 hrs. I also bring a few plants in to the bathroom with me every time my husband or I shower. I just line them up along sink and shelves, take nice long hot shower, then leave them in there with door shut and lights on until humidity has dissipated. You may also rethink your lighting situation. These are sometimes listed as “low light”, but they really prefer bright indirect light. If they are getting too much light, you will notice their color fading. Your plant will tell you if it’s not getting enough light by not opening it leaves up during the day when light is on. In the pic, it looks somewhat closed, but this could be taken at night, so just keep an eye on the plant and lighting. But for the browning, consistently moist soil and humidity, humidity, humidity!
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      Marissa My Pinstripe Calathea HATES tap water. It requires filtered or bottled water ONLY. All of the leaves have that crinkled "burned" look on the tips, but a month after I switched to filtered water and the brand new leaf has perfect edges and looks very happy! Start using filtered water but give it time to bounce back!

      Definitely make sure it's in a humid environment too and not near a radiator or vent.
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      Lauren Ugh Calathea are so hard to keep alive, the only kind ive vern able to keep thriving is the raddlesnake
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